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I'm not the girl I use to be

Taken from angelic_shimmer,who took it from angelbaby1206

[Significant Other's...]
Name: Jim (or James as I like to call him at the appropiate times)
Age: 22
Where they live: Yarmouth,Nova Scotia
Height: 6"2`

When you first met: February 2001
How long you have been going out: Since July 25th 2001
Where you met: A TalkCity roleplay room
How you met: I was a newbie in the room and Jim spoke to me to keep me in the room because someone suggested he do it and he did and it all went uphill from there.
Did you have a crush on them: After some time,yes.
If so, What attracted you to them: How athletic he is,mmmm.
Did they have a crush on you: Yep
Who made the first move: Well me and Jim had been interested in eachother for awhile and were dating without the bf/gf title until one day I asked him what he would call me to friends and people he knew and he said his girlfriend,but I said to do that he had to ask me out and he did.I feel kinda bad for doing that.I guess we both did it.
Where was the first move made: in a chat on MSN:o)

[Things you Share]
Do you live together: No,but in 4 months or less we will.
Do you have a song: Two infact,Hero by Enrique Iglesias and You're Still the One by Shania Twain
Mutual Friends: all of my friends are basically his because I introduce them to eachother and they become good friends from there.Too many to list.
Favorite Pastime: I don't remember but he says cuddling with me
Common Interests: music,chatting,talking on the phone,being together.
Pet Names: I call him hunny bunny or sexiness*blushes profusely*
Inside Jokes: Naw not really

[Do you...]
Think you can trust them in a room full of the opposite sex: Definitley!!!!
Like their friends: from what i hear,yes.
Think they are your best friend also: yes
Think you are a good companion for them: I hope so,he can handle me and not many other people can.
Think you are their favorite person: oh yeah.
Think they would tell you anything: we never keep secrets except when it comes to presents.

[Have you...]
Decided this person is 'the one?': I did this past visit and I told him that too.
Introduced them to your parents: He's been here so yep!
Told them 'I love you': mmhmm*sighs happily*
Had serious fight with them: yes,but it makes us stronger.
If so, about what:I can't remember...
Shared a secret with them: he knows everything about me
Held a secret of theirs: yes
Found any annoying things about them: i dont think so,it just gets to me how he thinks everything wrong that happens is his fault.
A special moment you will never forget: there are so many.

[Crazy Questions...]
If you signifigant other asked you to help them rob a bank so that you would never have to worry about financial problems again.. would you? Umm...no because I don't want to be put in prison,I'd convince him there's other things we could do.

If your signifigant other had to move overseas for a year and asked you to come would you go even though you couldnt talk to your friends and family back home for an enitre year? Hell yeah that's basically what I'll do in Canada

If your signifigant other asked you to marry you (assuming you arent married) would you say yes? Of course and the ring will be put on my finger the next visit:o)
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