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I just felt like being cute today

Well me and Jim walked to Blockbuster to pick a few movies to watch tonight and ran into alittle problem on the way back home since there is a grocery store on the way home and I wanted a snack to go with the movies we had just rented but the issue was what to eat,I wanted to get chocolate milk but Jim shortly mentioned how we had milk and quik mix back home so that was kinda pointless,I guess I didn't want the milk and the milk mix back home cause last time I had a upset tummy from it and there's the powdery stuff that is left at the bottom.So that went down the drain. Then I wanted flaming hot cheetos but Jim did not and I did not want to waste my mom's money on those then.Jim wanted ice cream but I didn't because sweets weren't my thing really and my family would eat it all instead of us so that idea didn't go well.Well incase you were wondering what I was trying to do there I was basically trying to compromise although Jim did not...at the end I suggested we get 1 carton of icecream,1 bag of cheetos and one bottle of Sprite but Jim didn't like that because we would be spending my mom's money on junkfood and ugh typing this is pissing me off now because I was trying to get things to work out but I guess that didn't happen because by then Jim wanted to pull out some of his cash to pay for the food but I didn't want that to happen so I have no snack for the movie*growls* sometimes he can piss me off but I know I cannot stay angry at him because we have so little time together and I cannot waste it being upset with him.

Heh anyways there was one memorable thing that happened today on the way home from the bb and the grocery store,while Jim and I were standing infront of the grocery store I jokingly pulled on his cheek and it made a funny noise which started a laughing case with me that did not stop til 10-20 minutes later...there that was me being cute today,in my opinion. Well I'm gonna go now...ttfn.
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