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[08 Apr 2003|03:23pm]

One dark night outside a small town, a fire started inside the local
chemical plant and in a blink it exploded into flames. The alarm went out
to the fire departments from miles around.

When the volunteer fire fighters appeared on the scene, the chemical
company president rushed to the fire chief and said, "All of our secret
formulas are in the vault in the center of the plant. They must be saved. I
will give $50,000 to the fire department that brings them out intact. But
the roaring flames held the firefighters off.

Soon more fire departments had to be called in as the situation became
desperate. As the firemen arrived, the president shouted out that the
offer was now $100,000 to the fire department who could bring out the
company's secret files. From the distance, a lone siren was heard as
another fire truck came into sight.

It was the nearby rural township volunteer fire company composed entirely
of men over the age of 65. To everyone's amazement, the little run-down
fire engine passed all the newer sleek engines parked outside the
plant.....and drove straight into the middle of the inferno.

Outside the other firemen watched as the old timers jumped off and began
to fight the fire with a performance and effort never seen before. Within a
short time, the old timers had extinguished the fire and saved the secret

The grateful chemical company president joyfully announced that for such a
superhuman feat he was upping the reward to $200,000, and walked over to
personally thank each of the brave, though elderly, fire fighters.

The local TV news reporters rushed in after capturing the event on film
asking, "What are you going to do with all that money "?

"Well," said the 70-year-old fire chief, "the first thing we are going to
do is fix the brakes on that fucking truck!"
I believe anything is possible

Hello there,long time no see [23 Mar 2003|07:06pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

Yeah I know it's been awhile since I wrote in here but sometimes I have nothing to say,I forget what I was going to say and stuff.

So yeah...what's happened since I last wrote in here?
Well all relationships are like rollercoasters.They have their high and low points.There are times where you are scared to death.Times where you just want to get off and times where you are having the time of your life and you never want it to end.So I guess that sums up how things have been since I last wrote here.

Jim and I have had our rough spots for some time,but everyone runs into a rut or an obstacle in their life.Last night we ran into an issue and for the first time I actually did something right although he doesn't view it that way.I got angry at Jim and instead of getting even more angrier with him I told him that in the state I was in I couldn't talk to him which he kind of took wrong,but I took it as the better approach in the situation.When I am angry I am impossible to talk to.I am I guess unlevelheaded so when I realized what was going on I told Jim I just need to be left alone and from there I calmed down and collected my thoughts on how to explain why I was angry to Jim at that time.Jim took it wrong because he's believes in the saying "never go to bed angry" which I told him that I was not doing.I was collecting my thoughts and calming down so I wouldn't get angry.Isn't that better than continuing to get upset and making things worse?I think so.So yaaaaaaaaay that's a plus.

I'm beginning to believe now that I have to change for the better or else me and Jim will just continue to go in circles with our relationship problems and by doing so nothing will ever be fixed.Slowly problems are being fixed and when I find a solution to a problem it feels so good to go that way rather than the getting angrier and making the situation worse sort or route.Like I use to get angry at Jim for me letting him go nap until one day I let him go nap then I went and watched tv and did stuff,finding the solution felt good like last night.

Unfortunately of course with the good comes the bad.The bad still being my parents.I want to talk to them,but I am scared to and I don't like feeling pressured to because then I am unprepared and things snowball.I don't want to cry,scream or hear my parents scream at me.I want a peaceful approach to this.I am tired of the drama me going to Canada brings.Sometime my parents are going to have to let me go and I will have to convince them to allow me to do so til that time comes. I made an outline of what to say to them in my lj.the outline is hereCollapse )
I think I will have to think long and hard on this before anything happens,but with college and all that it is a difficult task,but sometime I will be able to.And sometime soon things will change,I just can't jump into it,I have to think about it.

I believe anything is possible

oops put this in my lj instead of here [16 Mar 2003|09:18am]

I'm sorry I didn't wake you up this morning or afternoon your time hun.I just wanted to work on my English paper before I put it off too late. I've also just realized that you need as much sleep as you can get so I'm letting you have that.I hope you're having sweet dreams,can't wait to see you online.Love you~Cher Bear
I believe anything is possible

Okay okay I DON'T WANT TO FORGET THIS [17 Feb 2003|10:29pm]

Soooooooo all of my sudden Jim and I are getting in the wedding planning mood,well okay so I am getting more into than he but still. So far we're going to get married in a church because it'd be too cold outside and too difficult to choose an outdoor wedding dress. The bridesmaids dresses will be an indingo blue like this and the groom and groomsmen will be wearing black tuxes with the same color ties as the dress.I like the tie better than bowtie after watching Pretty Woman and seeing Richard Gere in one,mmm,hehe Jim knows I love him more.Anyways, maybe the church will be surrounded by tall candle holders holding big candles on the top,a candle lit church sounds romantic and since it is winter,reow. Hmm what else... ahh yes reception,there will be glass bowls as the centerpieces with floating snowflake candles (or and the favors will be mini mittens and snowmen that are candles as well.Sounds good,eh?
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Look at what I woke up to this morning and yes,it made me cry [14 Feb 2003|07:20pm]

[ mood | good ]

Happy valentines day sweety, Im sorry I cant bring you more breakfast in bed, or give you more roses, or be there to see your face in the morning, but thats why we celebrated it early, so we could be together.

Did I ever tell you how I used to think before I met you, I used to tell everyone that I was NEVER getting married, I told myself it was gonna be just me and bruce, single forever, hehe but you came along and screwed that up, and I want to thank you for that, because without you I wouldnt be who I am today.

Your email lastnight was very sweet, and Im sorry if I didnt seem all excited and stuff, Im not used to people doing things like that for me so I dont react all that great when it happens, but you should know that it meant alot to me, I saved it, and Ill most likely read it again and again. Also you should know that I feel the same way, I never want us to end up like them, and Im sure some people will say that you cant help it, but we can, we can start now, by being honest with each other about what bugs us, and when one tells the other about something the other does that bothers them, we can start by not getting offended, and that wasnt just meant for you, cause I do it too sometimes, Im never putting you down when I tell you those things, I have no reason to put you down, heh if you knew the truth about how often i talk about you, you would see that Im always doing the opposite of putting you down, but when I say those things Im just trying to help, and I know you are to.

Im always thinking about you being here now, the way the weather is now makes me think of what would happen if you were here, your classes would probably be canceled and I might try to take the day off and just cuddle with you and keep you warm in my bed, maybe even a little later we would go sliding or for a walk over to dougs if it was too cold for sliding, I think about you stopping by work after class and waiting a bit for me to get done, and I think of takeing you out to dinner after work, then renting a movie or something and curling up with you to stay warm as we watch it, I think about you all the time, I love you more than anything, and I think the world of you, my life started when I met you, Ive lived for 22 years *grumbles* but almost of of the memories I have, are the ones I made with you, I never ever thought I would see the day when I would say this to someone, but, I can honestly see myself spending the rest of my life with you, married life out on our own wont always be easy though, but if we work on it, we can make it, weve made it this far and beat so many things, if we work together, and we are there for each other, if we live as a couple, and not just 2 people that care about each other, if we live as a couple, together, thinking about us instead of, just me or you, then we will make it no problem.

I have a little surprise for you, its nothing big, so dont get all excited, but youll see later, I gotta go now, I love you Cheryl Ann, always and forever, and I cant see how anything could ever change that. *leaves a soft kiss and a big hug on the table with a note that says* "for the sexiest cutest smartest kindest cher bear in the world, happy valentines day ~Jim"

~Hunny Bunny~

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[14 Feb 2003|07:12pm]

[ mood | loved ]

God,please don't ever take this man (jimmyjimjim) away from me. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me when I thought I deserved worse. He's my light when the clouds cloud my mind and make it hard for me to see clearly or positively. He makes me believe in love after tragedy. He believes in me and I believe in him. I believe he is the man for me with everything he has done for me and we have gone through together,still strong in the end. All the other people in past relationships were just boys that treated me like a toy or a prized possession under constant watch,they weren't real like this man. What I have with him is undoubtedly real as he has solved my problems from the past and been with me while I solved my own. He is my soulmate, my confidante(sp?),my best friend,my lover,my everything.Please don't ever take away my sunshine,my better half,my angel for where would I be without him...

I believe anything is possible

Heh in the mood for V-Day what can I say??? [13 Feb 2003|09:25pm]

[ mood | okay ]

James A. W.,
I swear to you this and so much more.I swear to never make the mistakes our parents have and by this I swear to never take up alcohol as a lifestyle and if I do I trust that you will get me out of it. I swear to communicate clearly though at times it may take awhile for that to happen. I hope you understand. I swear to never cheat on for you are too entertaining for that to happen anyways *rawr*. I swear that if our relationship happens to need a change to make things better I will do my best to accomodate to that change and make things better for the both of us. I swear to try my best to keep my promises and if I have a problem to work on it. I swear to love you no matter what and if something comes up I will mold my love to love that as well. I swear an everlasting eternal love love for you that will go beyond the years we will be together. I swear to never give up on our love and work through the problems we may face.I swear to be your crying shoulder when you need one to cry on, the ear for you to tell all your problems to,your friend for you to turn to and the arms meant to hold you when all things in the world seem so cold that a hug is the only warm place to go. I swear to be your shelter on those rainy days and the sun peeking through those clouds when the rain stops..And last,but not least, I swear my heart,body,and soul to you James.I will always be your angel and so much more.~Cheryl~Cher Bear~

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I was fine a while ago.... [08 Feb 2003|09:41pm]

[ mood | bothered ]

I'm just bothered on so many different levels tonight.I guess depression is slowly creeping back into me and it's not as easy to shake off as it had been.I screwed up badly with Jim tonight and I feel horrible about the way I was acting,but seriously I don't know how to explain it...I don't believe I did anything wrong but the way I acted or reacted was what was wrong.It's just I feel like online unless you put an emotion with what you say depending with how you say I can take it wrong,kinda like when people log off on me makes me feel like they don't like me.I don't want to take Prozac again it took away so many things that have taken quite awhile to get back.Awhile ago I started crying because of something Jim had said to me that hurt...it probably wasn't meant to but as I said before depending on what you say I may take it wrong if it doesn't have a good emotion to it...
For exampleCollapse )
Don't know if you get what I mean but I guess I took something wrong that I shouldn't of but it was just the way he said the last line that hurt...am I right or wrong for how I feel?*sighs* I'm mess and haven't improved lately...

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Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet [08 Feb 2003|08:30pm]

[ mood | okay ]

The top 5 things I love about Jim:
1.His eyes and how soft and comforting they are,especially when welcomed by them in the morning.
2.How caring he is,showing me there are still kind people in this cruel world.
3.How safe and loved I feel in his arms ,which I so dearly love.*^_^*
4.How he still finds ways to surprise me and make me smile like I did when we first fell in love.:o)
5.How he still makes me giggle like a child and laugh like Marge Simpson when no one else can.<3<3<3

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Taken from angelic_shimmer,who took it from angelbaby1206 [01 Feb 2003|05:16pm]

a survey on significant othersCollapse )
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Do I miss him? [30 Jan 2003|07:45pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Of course I do as you can probably tell from what I have said in previous entries.I never knew I could say what I said in those letters to Jim.I believe the meds I use to be on for depression may be finally lifting as I am feeling different,a better different,but different none the less.Like I tap into the place I haven't been able to tap into for awhile.The emotional place where I can put my feelings into words and know and feel what I am saying.I believe now when I type I just type or write without holding back so that is where this is coming from.

So what do I miss about Jim?The little stuff really,but maybe the little stuff is really the big stuff because why then would it hurt so much to think or be reminded about it.I remember when he first came here and we went downstairs,we polished the wooden floors we have here,that was one of the first things we did among "couple stuff" which you don't need to know about since it's all lovey-dovey.So anyways,I miss the way he'd touch me,my face the most because I don't know why but I find a touch to the face like a hand to be very romantic and intimate.I miss his green eyes because they are so soft and gentle and beautiful they must've been amazing when he was a child.I loved when I'd pull off the blanket off his face in the morning and see those eyes because they were so welcoming to me,so warm,it makes me smile just thinking about them.I miss his arms being around me anytime and anywhere,it didnt matter.I love how strong and secure I feel in his arms and how if I were tired I could fall asleep with my head on one of his arms.I miss how he'd walk into my room when my sister was gone and crawl into bed with me and we'd both go back to sleep.I still wake up now and then thinking I heard the door open and he'll be coming in to go into my bed.I miss the little stuff like annoying him til I am cute like at Blockbuster,I will never forget that.I still remember how I laughed constantly until Jim and I had almost got to my house and I was laughing pretty hard all the way,I must've looked drunk.I miss laying between his arms on the couch and watching tv with him,not alone.I miss his prescence because then I felt truly loved.I miss how I'd be laying on the bed and him on the computer and he'd pay me a cute visit then go back on the computer coming back shortly for more.I miss holding his hand during a movie and just standing outside waiting for someone to pick us.I miss just watching and looking at him,being amazed that I am with someone as perfect as him.I miss going to my sister's school with him and sitting on the swings with him then hanging out on the playground afterwards.I miss hearing him sing.I miss watching him take care of me even as I got sick and looked as horrible as I could be.I miss him telling me everything will be okay.I miss feeling his arms around me as I would cry.I just miss everything about him.That is why I cry because I miss the small stuff and I wish I could've cherished it more.

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[30 Jan 2003|08:33pm]

[ mood | loved ]

Well Ive been back here for a few days now, its still so hard to be away from her...again. I told her I was visiting on December 22 but on the 18 I told her I had to look after my sisters appartment , which made me feel very guilty cause I felt like I was lieing to her, anyway, instead of looking after my sisters appartmernt I went to Halifax and got on the first plane. About 20 hours after I left here I got to San Diego, her mom met me at the air port, she didnt seem very cheerful at all, just stood there while I got my bags, then we got in the car and as we were driving back to their house she tried to talk me into joining the navy so I could move there. I didnt want to tell her that Cheryl doesnt want to be there anyway, so why should I move there to be with her, if shes leaving.
Anyway, when we got to there house, I walked in the door and saw her dad sitting on the couch waiting for her mom and Danni, when he saw me he told Danni to go get Cheryl, I heard Cheryl in her room yelling at Danni to leave her alone and let her study , finally she came out all grumpy and asked her dad what he wanted, he pointed at me and she asked him what he wanted again, then finally she looked over and saw me, she started to laugh and smile and I walked up the stairs to give her a hug, then her parents left to take Danni to see Santa. So Cheryl and I spent a while just hugging.
We didnt go to any places like sea world or the Zoo or anything, we went to a few movies and out to eat a few times, and we went shopping a bit too. Mostly we just stayed in and spent time with each other, we played a few games of basketball and went for walks and a few jogs around the block. Heh I dont know how Cheryl can watch all those makeover stories and baby stories and wedding stories, it was interesting now and then, but it didnt matter when it wasnt , most of the time I was more than content just sitting there with her.
Cheryl tried talking to her mom about college in Canada, I listened as he mom basicly just said no without listening to anything Cheryl had to say, we were pretty upset after but we comforted each other, awwwww.
On Christmas, which happened to be our anniversary, 17 months. We grabbed a bottle of apple cider and went upstairs and drank it out of the fancy champign glasses we bought for 2 dollars each, then on new years, while everyone else was drinking champaign, we sat on a blanket, on the floor in her living room, and we made chocolate chip cookies and smoothies and drank them out of the champaign glasses we bought, heh we watched the coundown on TV, a few minutes before the coutdown they had Avril singing a song, heh she hates Avril.
There was so many memorable moments, like the walk back from block buster, or the 45 minutes we spent in block buster while she decided what she wanted to watch, I dont have room to list them all, and truthfully, everymoment spent with her is memorable.
On the last day we decided to go see a movie and have supper, we went to T.G.I. Fridays and had our chicken strips :) , then went to see the movie Chicago , Cheryl had been wanting to see it for a while, and it was a good movie, the dinner and the movie took my mind off having to leave, but when the movie was almost over, and the woman was looking out the window, it suddenly hit me, that when the movie was over, I had to go, I tried not to let it get me so much, but as we waitied outside for her mother to pick us up, I was pretty upset, the hardest thing Ive ever done is leave her there, and whats even harder is, when I leave her there, I have to face it alone, I have to get on a plane at a crowded airport all alone and let it take me away.We did get to watch the fireworks they had at the waterfront for the super bowl, it did make it easier,as we were waiting she told me how much she wanted to leave there, everytime a plane took off she would say it, then she mentioned how she wished she could just buy a ticket and go with me, it was very tempting Ill admit, very tempting, but her mom would never forgive her, and she didnt have an ID or anything on her, I stood behind her holding her as we watched the fireworks and after we went inside so I could get on the plane.
I looked her in the eye and told her I didnt want to do that again, and we agreed that next time she was coming with me, heh I made her promise she was coming , then told her I promised that if she didnt come , I;d throw her over my shoulder and bring her, she kept smiling, and telling me to think about all the good things, but a few tears did find there way down my cheeks, she said she would wait there till I got through the security point, and she did, after I got through I waved to her, and watched her walk away, but the last image of her in my head does have a smile.
I had a 5 hour wait in boston, I called my mom and got her to give me the number of an old calling card I had in my room, and I got to call Cheryl and talk for a bit.
But now Im here in Yarmouth, without her again, but its only for 4 months, cause she will be here in June, and thinking about that makes things so much easier, I realised why it was so hard the other times, it was the not knowing, not knowing when I would see her again, or how many more times I would have to leave, it was not knowing a million things, but now I do know Ill be with her for the rest of my life, and Im pretty sure she will be here in June, and I do know she loves me, and I do know I love her even more. The hard part this time, was leaving domething that felt so right, to be with her makes the world fade away, the way she comforts me and hugs me when I do get a bid down is amazing, when Im with her I feel stronger like I can do anything, but at the same time I feel weak when I look into her eyes, because I can fight against anything that happens to me, and I can stay strong against what anyone does to me, but I am powerless when it comes to the feeling I have when Im near her, and the way I feel when I look into her eyes. Ill do whatever I have to do to get her here in June, because she belongs with me and I belong with her, we'll be together again in a few months, and there wont be anymore departures.Soon she will meet my family, and my friends, and see where I grew up, she will finally get to walk with me on the shore and play with me in the snow , and hopefuly she can find much more hasppiness here than she does in California.
I love ya Cher Bear, always and forever. mmwwaa!!

I Just Want You

There Are No Unlockable Doors
There Are No Unwinnable Wars
There Are No Unrightable Wrongs
Or Unsingable Songs

There Are No Unbeatable Odds
There Are No Believable Gods
There Are No Unnameable Names,
Shall I Say It Again, Yeah

There Are No Impossible Dreams
There Are No Invisible Seams
Each Night When Day Is Through
I Don't Ask Much

I Just Want You
I Just Want You

There Are No Uncriminal Crimes
There Are No Unrhymable Rhymes
There Are No Identical Twins
Or Forgivable Sins

There Are No Incurable Ills
There Are No Unkillable Thrills
One Thing And You Know It's True
I Don't Ask Much

I Just Want You
I Just Want You
I Just Want You
I Just Want You

I'm Sick And Tired Of Bein' Sick And Tired
I Used To Go To Bed So High And Wired
Yeah - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
I Think I'll Buy Myself Some Plastic Water
I Guess I Should Have Married Lennon's Daughter
Yeah - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

There Are No Unachievable Goals
There Are No Unsaveable Souls
No Legitimate Kings Or Queens,
Do You Know What I Mean? Yeah

There Are No Undisputable Truths
And There Ain't No Fountain Of Youth
Each Night When Day Is Through
I Don't Ask Much

I Just Want You
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
I Just Want You
I Just Want You
Hey, Yeah,
I Just Want You
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
I Just Want You,
I Just Want You
I Just Want You

Except for parts like marrying lenons dughter and going to bed wired and stuff, I think this relates pretty well.

I believe anything is possible

[29 Jan 2003|11:49am]

[ mood | loved ]

Well Cheryl left to go to class, I didnt get to say anything to her cause I guess my msn said I was offline. Stupid MSN. I miss her so much, I feel like I cant do anything cause shes not here, when Im there with her I want to do everything, I want to go places and do things, but now Im thinking about when to take this aplication is before 5, and I just dont want to go, Ill end up going becuase I have to, but its just so different. Maybe when she gets back we can start looking at visa stuff and about classes and things. This departure has been the hardest, but somehow, when I feel the worst and dont know what to do I think of what it will be like a few months from now, I think about no more departures, I think about how the longest we will ever have to be apart after this will be a weekend or something. I think about how much she means to me, and how soon my friends and family will meet her and see why she means so much to me, I think my family will all like her. I just hope none of them decide to get on her bad side, thats not somewhere you want to be. Well I guess Ill go drop off that application then go see what Doug is up to, if Im not here when you get back call me Cher Bear, if Im over to Dougs my mom will get me, I love you now more than ever, and even though were apart for 1 last time, my love still grows everyday. Always and forever. mmwwaa

I believe anything is possible

[29 Jan 2003|07:36am]

I have to go to class Jim,sorry I couldn't tell you this online,but you seem to have disappeared offline.I'll talk to you when I get home hunny bunny.Loveyou-forever-buhbai!!!!!!!
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I just came up with this line... [27 Jan 2003|10:49am]

[ mood | hyper ]

Jim's like honey because once you get a taste of him,you always want more.

I wonder if that makes sense.

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Hey Cher Bear [27 Jan 2003|10:30am]

[ mood | determined ]

Hey sweety, I could have wrote this as an email, but I thought it would be more of a surprise here.Baby I missed you so much lastnight, and when I woke up, it hurt so much to know you werent there. Its even worse than last time, still every song makes me miss you more, and everything makes me think about if you were here. Rightnow Im looking around my room at different things, and everything I look at makes me think "Should I get rid of that before Cheryl gets here?" I woke up to my alarm clock , and the first thing that came to my head was, your not here to make me up or kiss me good morning, rightnow Im imagining waking you up and walking downstairs with you. Your still tired like you always are when you wake up but Im smiling as I watch you shuffle your feet a bit as you get your breakfast. You would sit down and change through the channels, you rarely ever watch one thing too long, you always change it to something else just when Im interested, but thats ok with me, cause while your watching a baby story or a wedding story or anything, Im just sitting there with you, with my arms around you.
I miss you hun, It hurt so much to see you like that lastnight, when I left and for days before, you seemed ok, you were the one always telling me to look at the good things, and cry happy tears, but lastnight you were different. Dont think of it as just another 4 or 5 months apart, think of it as 4 or 5 months that you can use to get ready to move here and start the rest of your life with me, cause when you really think about it, 5 months isnt really that bad when compared to the rest of our lives.
Think about how great it will be when your finally in Canada, you can share my room with me, theres enough room in here for anything you wanna bring. Theres enough room in my bed for ya too, that means we can finally fall to sleep in each others arms everynight and never have to worry about your mom seeing us or not trusting us. Youll never have to worry about your mom or Danni giving you one of those loud wake up calls. And on weekends you can sleep in as long as you want and never have to worry about church. My parents rarely ever wake me up to do chores, I guess they believe that unless its really important it will still be there when I wake up. On weekends after we sleep in we can wake up and after breakfast and a little TV we can go for a walk on the shore, as often as you want. Sometimes with snow on the ground, or even with snow falling around us. Imagine starting your nursing class and coming home to have supper with me before sitting down to do some homework in a nice quiet room , on my bed , or you can use my desk, and Ill be either on my bed holding you or not to far away if you need anything.
Im just trying to say that, I guess instead of getting really sad, try to think about the good things, and work harder to achieve them, I know you want to be here now, but think about how your classes will get you into the nursing class and use that to motivate you to do the best you can. Its only 4 more months of work, then it will really pay off hun.

It still amazes me that I can keep falling in love with you more and more, just when I thought I couldnt love you anymore than I already do, it happens again. The first visit I realised how lucky I was to have someone like you, then the second visit I realised the person you really are and how many things there are about you that I really love, then this last visit, I finally realised for sure, that you are the only person I can imagine myself with, you are the only person I want to spend my life with.
Please dont be so sad Cher Bear, your parents cant keep us apart forever, and if your father does do something to take away your money or stop you from coming. I will call him and talk to him, Im not just going to sit and wait for them anymore, Im not gonna sit by and watch them treat you like property, or treat you like there housemaid, you deserve better than that, and although there still your parents, I dont think you should have to let them run your life anymore.Youll be here soon sweety, but being sad about it wont help, seeing what needs to be done and doing it and never giving up is what will bring us together.

Remember I always love you Cher Bear, more and more everyday, and Im always here for you, your never alone, Im always right by your side.

Good luck with classes today, cheer up and work hard, I promise it will pay off in a few months.

C.S. + J.W = TLF

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For Jim's sake [24 Jan 2003|09:59am]


I believe anything is possible

Well,the movie was okay,but it did make me think... [17 Jan 2003|08:58pm]

[ mood | good ]

Today me and Jim saw the movie "Just Married",which has Brittany(sp?) Murphy and Ashton ???, and it was an okay movie.I kinda liked it from the commercials I saw on it,but I also didn't like it because of what I saw on the commercials.No offense but the commercials made it kinda look like a Dumb and Dumber movie where the humor might be overplayed not that the movie was absurd or stupid.I liked what I saw on the commercials because Jim and I are thinking quite seriously about marriage and we were just interested in seeing the film although he was more interested than I was as I explained before what kinda made me lose interest.Anyways,the film was okay,I got irked with Ashton's character a few times because common sense was ignored and I didn't like that,but Brittany's character was superficial and abit "fairy-tale" like,that didn't bother me though as I was understanding on that part since I think plenty of girls want the perfect wedding and honeymoon like the one they may have dreamt about as children.

As my subject goes, the movie did make me think in the end which I enjoyed about the film. The movie goes to say that a relationship isn't only built and kept together by love but more.Sure love can start and keep a relationship going but there's more to it as I spoke to Jim after the film while at BK's.I hope no one takes this offensively but this is my opinion. I also hope this makes sense too! Anyways, I believe love, patience, respect, understanding, compromising and even making sacrafices is what keeps a relationship going. Love can conquer all but it can do that with other elements too(that I just mentioned) for they can or are what keep a relationship stronger and growing in the end.

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I dont really know what to say. [16 Jan 2003|11:36pm]

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Its amazing how no matter how many times I tell myself I cant possibly love you more, it happens. And no matter how many times I try to count the ways you touch my life, I can never get them all. Everything about you amazes me. From the way you look at me to the way you hold my hand. Each visit has been a little longer, but the time spent with you seems so much shorter, it doesnt seem fair that when it seems like I just got here its time to go again.

Baby I dont know if I can do it again. Theres been some rough times in my life, Ive lost people, been hurt by people and felt so lost and empty. But there is nothing that compairs to how much it hurts and how hard it is to look into your eyes, and whipe a tear away and tell you I have to go. Ive never felt more lost and empty than I do each time I feel your hand slip away and know I wont hold it again for months, or how much it breaks my heart to see you as you walk away, and know I wont see that smile, or look into those eyes, or just look at your beautiful face again for months. Its funny how thinking about another departure, scares me more than a burning building, or anything else I can think of.
I meant it when I told your mother I could see myself spending the rest of my life with you. The trouble is, that doesnt seem long enough. They say in heaven though, that theres everything you ever wanted, so Im sure that even after a lifetime with you, there will be more.
Please stay strong,dont let your mom get to you anymore, dont let school worry you, do your best at everything you do and learn from mistakes, dont let them get you down, and never give up.
No matter what happens, or how bad things may look sometimes, I will never stop loving you. I hope you always remember that. I love you now and forever. 5 months isnt that long to wait when you think about the rest of our lives. If you want to come to Canada, work hard, do what you have to do to get there, and dont be afraid to ask me or my mother or anyone else in my family for help. And if it comes down to it, Ill move to California.
I should be getting to bed now, its tempting to just go back to your room and wake you ask ask to hold you for just a bit longer, but Ill let you sleep, Ill see you in the morning, and I hope the last 8 days of this visit will be just as good as the rest, g'night, sweet dreams, and always remember, I love you.

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I just felt like being cute today [28 Dec 2002|06:37pm]

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Well me and Jim walked to Blockbuster to pick a few movies to watch tonight and ran into alittle problem on the way back home since there is a grocery store on the way home and I wanted a snack to go with the movies we had just rented but the issue was what to eat,I wanted to get chocolate milk but Jim shortly mentioned how we had milk and quik mix back home so that was kinda pointless,I guess I didn't want the milk and the milk mix back home cause last time I had a upset tummy from it and there's the powdery stuff that is left at the bottom.So that went down the drain. Then I wanted flaming hot cheetos but Jim did not and I did not want to waste my mom's money on those then.Jim wanted ice cream but I didn't because sweets weren't my thing really and my family would eat it all instead of us so that idea didn't go well.Well incase you were wondering what I was trying to do there I was basically trying to compromise although Jim did not...at the end I suggested we get 1 carton of icecream,1 bag of cheetos and one bottle of Sprite but Jim didn't like that because we would be spending my mom's money on junkfood and ugh typing this is pissing me off now because I was trying to get things to work out but I guess that didn't happen because by then Jim wanted to pull out some of his cash to pay for the food but I didn't want that to happen so I have no snack for the movie*growls* sometimes he can piss me off but I know I cannot stay angry at him because we have so little time together and I cannot waste it being upset with him.

Heh anyways there was one memorable thing that happened today on the way home from the bb and the grocery store,while Jim and I were standing infront of the grocery store I jokingly pulled on his cheek and it made a funny noise which started a laughing case with me that did not stop til 10-20 minutes later...there that was me being cute today,in my opinion. Well I'm gonna go now...ttfn.

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