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thousandmiles's Journal

3500 Miles Closer to Home
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Let's see what's there to say about eachother from the other's view...
From Cherry's view about Jim:Jim is a kind,sweet,lovable guy.I don't see why some people don't treat him right and walk over him.He loves music of any type like me,I kinda influenced him on that,but alternative music is in his roots I guess you can say since he loved Metallica and rock stuff when I met him.He's the kind of person who is a gift to meet because you would think a person like him would not exist in this world.He wants to be a firefighter,he is 22 yearsold and lives in Nova Scotia,Canada.He's very strong and athletic and caring.He's easy to get along with,talk to,and just the right person to turn to when things go wrong.He doesn't always have the right thing to say,but who does?He says the cutest things too*giggles*.Oh and don't mess with milk when he's around,he's addicted to it.Beware of Jim without milk!BEWARE!