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Heh in the mood for V-Day what can I say???

James A. W.,
I swear to you this and so much more.I swear to never make the mistakes our parents have and by this I swear to never take up alcohol as a lifestyle and if I do I trust that you will get me out of it. I swear to communicate clearly though at times it may take awhile for that to happen. I hope you understand. I swear to never cheat on for you are too entertaining for that to happen anyways *rawr*. I swear that if our relationship happens to need a change to make things better I will do my best to accomodate to that change and make things better for the both of us. I swear to try my best to keep my promises and if I have a problem to work on it. I swear to love you no matter what and if something comes up I will mold my love to love that as well. I swear an everlasting eternal love love for you that will go beyond the years we will be together. I swear to never give up on our love and work through the problems we may face.I swear to be your crying shoulder when you need one to cry on, the ear for you to tell all your problems to,your friend for you to turn to and the arms meant to hold you when all things in the world seem so cold that a hug is the only warm place to go. I swear to be your shelter on those rainy days and the sun peeking through those clouds when the rain stops..And last,but not least, I swear my heart,body,and soul to you James.I will always be your angel and so much more.~Cheryl~Cher Bear~
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