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Hey Cher Bear

Hey sweety, I could have wrote this as an email, but I thought it would be more of a surprise here.Baby I missed you so much lastnight, and when I woke up, it hurt so much to know you werent there. Its even worse than last time, still every song makes me miss you more, and everything makes me think about if you were here. Rightnow Im looking around my room at different things, and everything I look at makes me think "Should I get rid of that before Cheryl gets here?" I woke up to my alarm clock , and the first thing that came to my head was, your not here to make me up or kiss me good morning, rightnow Im imagining waking you up and walking downstairs with you. Your still tired like you always are when you wake up but Im smiling as I watch you shuffle your feet a bit as you get your breakfast. You would sit down and change through the channels, you rarely ever watch one thing too long, you always change it to something else just when Im interested, but thats ok with me, cause while your watching a baby story or a wedding story or anything, Im just sitting there with you, with my arms around you.
I miss you hun, It hurt so much to see you like that lastnight, when I left and for days before, you seemed ok, you were the one always telling me to look at the good things, and cry happy tears, but lastnight you were different. Dont think of it as just another 4 or 5 months apart, think of it as 4 or 5 months that you can use to get ready to move here and start the rest of your life with me, cause when you really think about it, 5 months isnt really that bad when compared to the rest of our lives.
Think about how great it will be when your finally in Canada, you can share my room with me, theres enough room in here for anything you wanna bring. Theres enough room in my bed for ya too, that means we can finally fall to sleep in each others arms everynight and never have to worry about your mom seeing us or not trusting us. Youll never have to worry about your mom or Danni giving you one of those loud wake up calls. And on weekends you can sleep in as long as you want and never have to worry about church. My parents rarely ever wake me up to do chores, I guess they believe that unless its really important it will still be there when I wake up. On weekends after we sleep in we can wake up and after breakfast and a little TV we can go for a walk on the shore, as often as you want. Sometimes with snow on the ground, or even with snow falling around us. Imagine starting your nursing class and coming home to have supper with me before sitting down to do some homework in a nice quiet room , on my bed , or you can use my desk, and Ill be either on my bed holding you or not to far away if you need anything.
Im just trying to say that, I guess instead of getting really sad, try to think about the good things, and work harder to achieve them, I know you want to be here now, but think about how your classes will get you into the nursing class and use that to motivate you to do the best you can. Its only 4 more months of work, then it will really pay off hun.

It still amazes me that I can keep falling in love with you more and more, just when I thought I couldnt love you anymore than I already do, it happens again. The first visit I realised how lucky I was to have someone like you, then the second visit I realised the person you really are and how many things there are about you that I really love, then this last visit, I finally realised for sure, that you are the only person I can imagine myself with, you are the only person I want to spend my life with.
Please dont be so sad Cher Bear, your parents cant keep us apart forever, and if your father does do something to take away your money or stop you from coming. I will call him and talk to him, Im not just going to sit and wait for them anymore, Im not gonna sit by and watch them treat you like property, or treat you like there housemaid, you deserve better than that, and although there still your parents, I dont think you should have to let them run your life anymore.Youll be here soon sweety, but being sad about it wont help, seeing what needs to be done and doing it and never giving up is what will bring us together.

Remember I always love you Cher Bear, more and more everyday, and Im always here for you, your never alone, Im always right by your side.

Good luck with classes today, cheer up and work hard, I promise it will pay off in a few months.

C.S. + J.W = TLF
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