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Well,the movie was okay,but it did make me think...

Today me and Jim saw the movie "Just Married",which has Brittany(sp?) Murphy and Ashton ???, and it was an okay movie.I kinda liked it from the commercials I saw on it,but I also didn't like it because of what I saw on the commercials.No offense but the commercials made it kinda look like a Dumb and Dumber movie where the humor might be overplayed not that the movie was absurd or stupid.I liked what I saw on the commercials because Jim and I are thinking quite seriously about marriage and we were just interested in seeing the film although he was more interested than I was as I explained before what kinda made me lose interest.Anyways,the film was okay,I got irked with Ashton's character a few times because common sense was ignored and I didn't like that,but Brittany's character was superficial and abit "fairy-tale" like,that didn't bother me though as I was understanding on that part since I think plenty of girls want the perfect wedding and honeymoon like the one they may have dreamt about as children.

As my subject goes, the movie did make me think in the end which I enjoyed about the film. The movie goes to say that a relationship isn't only built and kept together by love but more.Sure love can start and keep a relationship going but there's more to it as I spoke to Jim after the film while at BK's.I hope no one takes this offensively but this is my opinion. I also hope this makes sense too! Anyways, I believe love, patience, respect, understanding, compromising and even making sacrafices is what keeps a relationship going. Love can conquer all but it can do that with other elements too(that I just mentioned) for they can or are what keep a relationship stronger and growing in the end.
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